Military Road School Alumni Association

School Picture


As tough and as rugged as the soldiers were who traveled that road to reach Fort Stevens, we, too, became soldiers of small stature on that road, preparing to face the challenges of life ahead of us.   They were, no doubt, summoned to their daily duties by the Reveille bugler; we marched to a different drumbeat that began each day with the ringing of an old-fashioned hand bell. 

Our Mission

The purpose and mission of the Military Road School Alumni Association is to promote architectural and cultural historical preservation in the District of Columbia; to disseminate knowledge and promote quality education for all people; to promote meaningful social, cultural, and racial inquiries; to promote improvement and to elevate the standards of integrity, honor, and courtesy in race relations; to entertain from time to time men and women of national and international repute in the affairs of the world; and to provide means of services, recreation, fellowship, and entertainment for its membership.